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Sun is shining Top from WATG

Sun is shining Top from WATG

Making clothes is very scary for me. I want to make something that can look good on me, but also does not look homemade. I want something fun to work on, but still learn to make something new. So when I bought the Sun is shining top from Wool and the gang I was both excited but also a bit scared.

This post is not sponsored, this kit is something I wanted to make and this is my honest opinion.


I just love this label that comes with the kit, but it was hard for me to chose a way to fasten it. So i used a very simple stitch for the corners.

The kit comes with very soft cotton, a pattern, a label, a needle and a crochet hook (if you would like). The yarn was very soft, but I had problem with knots, that were visble in the top, but an e-mail to WATG and some pictures od the knot and they sent new ones.

The pattern had some unclear instructions, but I crochet a test swatch to test the stitch, to test the yarn and the gauge. So that was very helpful.

Overall am very happy with this soft and comfy to. It was perfect to wear over cute dresses and with high waist skirts. The pattern was very quick to work on, the top is made of four parts, a front, a back and two smaller arms. this is a very easy pattern to modify to fit your own preferences. All four parts can be made shorter or longer, but make sure to order more yarn if you want to make yours longer. This soft cotton also comes in many pretty colors.