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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

This must be the cutest little thing ever, and it fits perfectly here.

A miniature winter wonderland that is so sweet, cozy and has a Swedish winter feeling. These porcelain houses and trees are to die for, the houses can hold candles inside and the different designs and shades of green and white is the perfect mixture of vintage and modern. The houses and the trees are from “Søstrene grene”, which is a store, if you are not familiar with it, that has a lot of nicknacks, simple furniture and other fun stuff. They had different houses, with candle holders, led-light or without, different shapes and designs to choose from for very good prices. This is not a sponsored post, just letting you know where I got everything.

If you are planing to try this DIY out, and please do because it’s so much fun, you should know that you can use what ever you have at hand. You might already have trees, houses or reindeers at home, use them, use whatever you thing looks best and yours will be more personal and unique. But remember, less is more. I choose to stay in the same color scheme, since I do tend to go crazy when colors are involved, and it turned out great. Don’t forget, you can make this as big, or small as you like, I made a small one, since I only had room on my windowsill. Feel free to adjust this and make it your own. 🙂

*Do not leave lit candles unattended. 

Winter Wonderland 

Preperation time: none       Total time: 20 min

What you need to make this:

  • Mini houses/ a castle/ a shed (whatever makes you happy)
  • Some trees
  • Status ( I used a small Santa and a cute reindeer)
  • Moss (both green and white)
  • Small light & candles
Everything you need to make this.
Sooo pretty 🙂

Moss can be found at any large store this time of the year, you could also bring some home from the garden or the woods. But I don’t want to the risk of insects in my house, so I bought both green and white to create some texture and dimension in my mini-land.

How you do it:

  1. Choose where you want to place your miniature land. Remember, it will be hard to move around, so give this some thought before deciding. If you want to have your moss right on the surface of the place you choose, then skip to step 2 now. If you are worried about your surface being ruined, then put down some plastic wrap, baking sheet och even a board on your surface before putting on the moss.
  2. Place the moss on your surface, and break it gently, the moss will be in one piece so when you break it apart a little it will look more like natural grass. By breaking it up, you also make the moss looks like a small hill area, stop when you are happy with the look.
  3. Now place the largest items you have, here I placed the houses, rearrange until you like the look. Make sure that the houses are stable on the moss, especially if you are using candles later.
  4. The trees and any other decoration can be placed now, mix it up a little and don’t forget to put the decorations everywhere, this creates more dimension in your cute little town.
  5. Place you lights now, light them up and rearrange until satisfied.
  6. Final touches, I had some dried flowers and some berries that I just placed and sprinkled over. I can’t say NO to color.
  7. Enjoy 🙂

Comment if you do try this out and tell me how it went, you are welcome to comment if you have any questions or tips 🙂

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Sweet, sweet reindeer 🙂