Keep the garlic, and a silver crucifix if you have one, near you when reading this.

Another 1800-book tip for you guys, this one it more on the creepy side rather than the cute and loving side. If you ever have watched a scary movie or a show, chances are that there have been a vampire in these, sucking all the blood, killing all the people or just sparkling like glitter nail polish. The vampire in this book is unlike any one you have seen before, unless you already have read the book :-P. This 1897 horror book is very creepy and scary, at the same time as it is interesting and exciting. While reading it, I felt afraid but I still could not put the book down.

Just keep reading…

The story starts with Jonathan who is traveling to meet with the Count, Dracula, to talk about business. We get to follow Jonathan’s journey and meet Dracula for the first time in his home. From there the story moves on, we get to follow and get to know other characters. The story is divided into parts where each character gets a portion of the story told from there point of view. By writing in this style the author keeps the story interesting and the characters tolerable, otherwise one could get tired of only following one storyline or missing other aspects of the adventure.

Don’t you just love the art on this book? 🙂

As you may already know, Dracula is the Father of all vampires, both in the fantasy world and in real life. This book is the reason why vampires exist in todays popular culture, before Bram Stoker wrote this book vampires and Dracula were only found in old myths and folklore, and for that we are thankful. Just like any other book or text written in that time, this books feels like a time capsule that takes you back to a place where sexist remarks and behaviors were ok, a place where women could not take care of themselves and had to be protected by strong men. But that did not bother me, not that much anyway, since it made the story more realistic for its time and therefore even scarier. Even if you do not like the horror genre or feel that this might not be the book for you, give it a try anyway you will be happy that you did. It is one of the best written books I have read so far.


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